Agile Software Corporation announced the Agile Integration Server (AIS), an XML-based integration solution that makes the valuable product content held in Agile Anywhere available to a wide range of business applications and users, both internally and across the global manufacturing network. The Agile Integration Server (AIS) enables users to take every possible business advantage of their valuable Agile-based product information, utilizing it in design, planning, shop floor, field support, CRM, and order entry applications, as well as in collaborative manufacturing. By leveraging this information across the entire supply chain, Agile customers can rapidly expand the value of their Agile Anywhere-based private collaboration exchanges. The Agile Integration Server enables the integration of product information held in Agile with: Individual XML-compliant applications on a case-by-case basis, EAI solutions, or Business to Business Integration (B2Bi) solutions. AIS communicates with XML-compliant applications using HTTP and SSL, making AIS both firewall friendly and highly secure. The AIS generates XML output in several Internet-standard XML-based formats, including aXML and PDX 0.7, as well as other XML-based formats, such as RosettaNet PIPs, OAG BODs, and cXML via XSLT, allowing Agile customers to easily exchange product content with both commodity and custom sourcing networks, such as PartMiner’s Free Trade Zone and Ariba Sourcing.