NQL Inc. announced that it is preparing an enterprise content management platform for release in the first quarter of 2001. As an out-of-the-box enterprise solution, the NQL IQ ContentAnywhere software will be targeted toward large-scale clients such as solution providers, VARs, portal companies and e-integrators, as well as vertical markets. NQL deployments already underway include licensing of the core technology called Network Query Language and IQ Series applications that represent various elements of the content management platform. NQL IQ ContentAnywhere software collects content from both the Internet and corporate networks through agents, which are powered by the company’s core technology. The platform consists of content aggregation and delivery layers, an intelligent content cache, and a taxonomy. The taxonomy describes content in terms of categories, access names, information sources, lifetime, and a collection schedule. For desktop PC users, the platform enables insertion of all content types into mail messages, word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation systems, to name a few examples. For lesser-known applications, a desktop content browser is provided for users to select content by name and copy to a clipboard and paste into applications. For application developers, NQL IQ ContentAnywhere software provides APIs for Visual Basic and Java. Automated communications between applications, systems and organizations are accommodated by web services such as Microsoft.NET. For web sites on NT servers, NQL IQ ContentAnywhere software provides filters that enable new tags for content that can be embedded in HTML pages for on-the-fly acquisition. The platform also provides content viewers for mobile devices such as connected Palm devices, pocket PCs and WAP smart phones. www.nqli.com