Mercado Software Inc. announced a technology partnership with Cardonet, Inc. The combined solution, which couples Cardonet’s online catalog content management system with Mercado Software’s search improves the performance of B2B e-Commerce sites. Together, the two solutions address common difficulties found in complex e-Catalog environments: finding and comparing items across multiple suppliers; uniting different catalog schemas into a single view; efficiently structuring and managing catalog content in a streamlined, automated fashion; and maintaining catalogs with up-to-date information as they grow and change. Cardonet’s enterprise-level software suite streamlines the process of e-Catalog content aggregation and normalization. It automatically publishes disparate data from multiple sources such as text files, relational databases, ERP and legacy systems into XML, and it automates the process of data cleansing, categorization and integration to the market maker’s master catalog. Cardonet’s solution can be used to aggregate catalog content for any industry, allowing customers to control content evolution as their e-Marketplaces evolve. Mercado’s IntuiFind search solution complements these features, providing a highly scalable solution for catalogs that aggregate products across multiple vendors’ databases. Built from the ground up to search content-rich e-Catalogs, Mercado Software’s IntuiFind produces consistently relevant e-Catalog search results.,