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Day: September 18, 2000

MagazineContent to Syndicate Magazine Content

MagazineContent AG announced that it has established a U.S. office that will offer American publishers a safe and effective way to maximize the potential of their editorial product over the Internet. The U.S. office is currently based in New Jersey, and is headed by Bernard DeLierre, Director for North America. MagazineContent offers U.S. publishers the opportunity to extend their brands’ reach and achieve significant penetration into the English-speaking markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Under its business model, publishers license the content from their publications to MagazineContent, which in turn syndicates it to Internet sites and corporate Intranets around the world. MagazineContent is an international content syndication company specializing in magazines. It receives complete editorial content offline and automatically converts it from any format into XML, allowing Web masters to quickly integrate content into their sites. By providing editorial information instead of news, the service offers content that has a greater lifespan and subject-specific focus. As part of its free marketing and subscription-generating service, MagazineContent drives end-users right to the publications’ respective subscription pages by direct link so that publishers realize full-value subscriptions for their magazines. MagazineContent is currently syndicating content in English and German, with rollouts in Spanish, Italian, French and Japanese planned within the near future.

NextPage Enables Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Content Networking for E-Business

NextPage, Inc. announced that it is shipping the NXT 3 e-Content Platform to deliver peer-to-peer Content Networking for e-businesses. The technology creates a secure network, called a Content Network, where users can manage, access and exchange content across distributed servers on intranets, extranets and the Internet to enhance e-business relationships. The Content Network is accessed through a Web browser and viewed as if the information existed in a single location. NXT 3 eliminates traditional barriers of intranets, extranets and the Internet by providing users a single point of access to information from dispersed sources and different data types, such as XML, HTML, Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF files and database repositories. Once these sources are linked together in a P2P Content Network, they become a single, virtual repository. With NXT 3, content no longer needs to be pushed around the Internet or centralized on an intranet or extranet server to be accessed. Content can be created and maintained in its original location by its original author. Users can search, navigate, categorize and personalize information in their Content Network in real time. NextPage P2P Content Networking solutions are targeted at corporations that have large quantities of distributed content in different formats. NXT 3 can scale to tens of thousands of concurrent users and handle multi-gigabytes of information, while still providing secure, personalized information based on an individual user’s needs.

Vignette & Artesia Announce Broadband Portal Solution for Media & Entertainment

Vignette Corp. and Artesia Technologies announced that the two companies will create a combined e-business solution based on the Vignette V/5 eBusiness Application Platform that streamlines rich media content management for the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry. The combined Vignette and Artesia solution allows companies to implement streamlined processes for creating and managing rich-media that produces content once – for targeted delivery in various formats over multiple channels, including broadband, wireless, personal computers and interactive set-top boxes. Together the two companies are simplifying the inherent complexities in converting, managing and delivering rich media content over multiple channels. Vignette and Artesia are enabling companies in the M&E industry to adopt new, Internet-based business practices while continuing to support traditional distribution channels. The integrated solution enables the easy repurposing of new and existing content for publishing over multiple channels to multiple devices – allowing M&E companies to develop strategies for delivering content to various customers while maintaining high standards of quality and consistency. This combined approach to content management will also enable organizations to create virtual supply chains, with both their creative and trading partners, in which digital assets are rendered readily and securely available for further use or augmentation. Vignette and Artesia will provide their software solution using Sun Enterprise servers. The companies will also support Java and XML. General availability for the jointly developed integration package is slated for fall 2000. Pricing information may be obtained through Vignette and Artesia.,

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