MagazineContent AG announced that it has established a U.S. office that will offer American publishers a safe and effective way to maximize the potential of their editorial product over the Internet. The U.S. office is currently based in New Jersey, and is headed by Bernard DeLierre, Director for North America. MagazineContent offers U.S. publishers the opportunity to extend their brands’ reach and achieve significant penetration into the English-speaking markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Under its business model, publishers license the content from their publications to MagazineContent, which in turn syndicates it to Internet sites and corporate Intranets around the world. MagazineContent is an international content syndication company specializing in magazines. It receives complete editorial content offline and automatically converts it from any format into XML, allowing Web masters to quickly integrate content into their sites. By providing editorial information instead of news, the service offers content that has a greater lifespan and subject-specific focus. As part of its free marketing and subscription-generating service, MagazineContent drives end-users right to the publications’ respective subscription pages by direct link so that publishers realize full-value subscriptions for their magazines. MagazineContent is currently syndicating content in English and German, with rollouts in Spanish, Italian, French and Japanese planned within the near future.