Vignette Corp. and Artesia Technologies announced that the two companies will create a combined e-business solution based on the Vignette V/5 eBusiness Application Platform that streamlines rich media content management for the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry. The combined Vignette and Artesia solution allows companies to implement streamlined processes for creating and managing rich-media that produces content once – for targeted delivery in various formats over multiple channels, including broadband, wireless, personal computers and interactive set-top boxes. Together the two companies are simplifying the inherent complexities in converting, managing and delivering rich media content over multiple channels. Vignette and Artesia are enabling companies in the M&E industry to adopt new, Internet-based business practices while continuing to support traditional distribution channels. The integrated solution enables the easy repurposing of new and existing content for publishing over multiple channels to multiple devices – allowing M&E companies to develop strategies for delivering content to various customers while maintaining high standards of quality and consistency. This combined approach to content management will also enable organizations to create virtual supply chains, with both their creative and trading partners, in which digital assets are rendered readily and securely available for further use or augmentation. Vignette and Artesia will provide their software solution using Sun Enterprise servers. The companies will also support Java and XML. General availability for the jointly developed integration package is slated for fall 2000. Pricing information may be obtained through Vignette and Artesia.,