SoftQuad Software, Ltd. and Vignette Corporation announced that they have partnered to provide e-businesses with a comprehensive platform for implementing and deploying XML-based content solutions. Through the integration of SoftQuad’s XMetaL content-creation platform, and the Vignette V/5 eBusiness Platform, businesses can now leverage the use of XML technology. This partnership allows for the deployment of Web-based solutions that capture content from a wide variety of sources and integrate it with both internal and external systems. SoftQuad Software has become a Vignette Technology Partner and will also become a Vignette V2B Services partner. Vignette V2B Services streamline the process of purchasing, implementing and using e-business applications. Vignette V2B Services are provided via the Vignette V2B MarketPlace and Vignette V2B Communities. The integration of the two products gives e-businesses the ability to efficiently create and work with XML documents within a productive workflow environment, enabling the delivery of personalized content that attracts customers and builds successful e-relationships more quickly than ever before. With XMetaL’s word processor-like interface, more people within an organization can quickly create content directly in XML, or convert documents from other formats including Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, into XML. Content creators can then save XML documents directly within the Vignette V/5 eBusiness Platform production workflow. To further streamline the approval and revision process, XML content can be retrieved and submitted to Vignette’s Web-based workflow management interface or directly from within XMetaL. The transparency of the integration dramatically decreases the costs associated with providing an XML content solution and accelerates the speed with which e-businesses can deliver customized content to their customers.,