eBusiness Technologies announced a technology alliance with BEA Systems, Inc. and the integration of eBusiness Technologies’ engenda content management and workflow automation solution with BEA WebLogic Server. This relationship provides customers the advantage of a Web content management solution combined with BEA WebLogic Server, delivering performance and reliability for powering e-commerce applications. engenda’s centralized content management core maintains content, tracks versions, and provides an architecture that scales and integrates with other third-party applications. Centralized content gives all users immediate access to an enterprise’s most valuable assets without impractical, slow synchronization between the content core and users’ desktops. engenda’s XML architecture separates content from business logic and presentation, enabling dynamic page assembly. Once approved by engenda’s workflow process, BEA WebLogic Server can serve HTML, other structured file formats, and any other file type from engenda’s content core. www.ebt.com