XMLSolutions Corporation announced a partnership with bTrade.com, Inc. Together the companies will expand their Global 2000 product and service offerings through shared technologies and systems integration. XMLSolutions’ XEDI Translator provides an expansive, completely customizable EDI solution, expanded trading communities and cost reduction in trade transaction process and fulfillment. XEDI supports every ANSI X12 and EDIFACT document produced by major EDI Translators from GE Global Exchange Services, Harbinger, Sterling Commerce, and SPS Commerce. bTrade.com offers a comprehensive suite of services and solutions that can be integrated easily into existing, new and emerging business processes. Their component-friendly approach to e-business technology creates an optimal “plug and play” environment that maximizes customer flexibility and freedom of choice. XMLSolutions and bTrade.com will deliver a comprehensive e-business network that will allow customers to rapidly integrate 100% of their customers and suppliers into a secure digital trading community. The combined solution will offer guaranteed message delivery and complete customer profile capability, including support for open standards and protocols, such as RosettaNet, xCBL, cXML, ebXML and FpML and BizTalk. www.xmls.com, www.bTrade.com