Multicosm Ltd announced its Maximizer line of products for Web portals, extranets and enterprise intranets. Using Multicosm’s text analysis technology, Portal Maximizer customers can crawl any Web site and determine which pages are related to the various content that a customer chooses for its portal. It then automatically creates links to those pages that can be easily accessed from one central location. Customers with existing portals can both expand the reach of their portal, and significantly lower the cost of managing their sites with Portal Maximizer. Intranet Maximizer builds on the technology used in Portal Maximizer, and enhances it with integrated summarization, search, monitoring, and expertise identification features. Portal Maximizer can crawl vast amounts of Web content and identify the important concepts, product and people’s names on those sites. These names and concepts are then used as the basis of linking related pages together, whether on the same site or to external sites. Those links are stored and maintained separately from the HTML documents, making the tedious task of link management significantly easier and less time consuming. By inserting links “on-the-fly” as Web pages are served to the browser, the number of links that must be inserted by hand into each page on the site are dramatically reduced. Pages can be added to the site more quickly, as they are automatically analyzed and cross-referenced with the other pages. In addition, companies running Web portals have complete editorial control over not only what links appear on which pages, but over the links themselves because they are fully editable. Portal Maximizer and Intranet Maximizer are available immediately.