IBM unveiled the IBM Content Manager, an offering that helps companies manage the exploding amount of digital information now facing organizations in the e-business world. Content Manager offers a complete, integrated portfolio for database management, content management and business intelligence. IBM Content Manager helps companies make the most of their information, no matter the form. IBM Content Manager leverages IBM’s experience in rich media and document management technologies. It enables corporations to electronically manage, protect and share critical business information, in any format, including XML and HTML. Images, audio and video, computer generated output and business documents can now be securely shared electronically – a crucial step in the e-business transformation. Additionally, it can search across a variety of content and data repositories such as production imaging, computer-generated output, document management and multimedia repositories, delivering a unified search result. The IBM Content Manager, when combined with the recently announced IBM Enterprise Information Portal, provides a single point of access and integration for IBM and non-IBM data and content stores helping customers truly leverage the vast amounts of information across their business. IBM Content Manager is currently available shipping with support for IBM AIX and Microsoft Windows NT platforms. Pricing starts at $15,000 per workstation server and $2,000 per concurrent user.