NCompass Labs announced the launch of NCompass Resolution 3.0, the out-of-the-box, Microsoft-centric Web content management solution that integrates site design, content authoring, publishing and site management. Resolution 3.0 extends the capabilities of version 2.1 to speed deployment and simplify distributed content management for worldwide e-business applications. The new release’s highly visual browser-based authoring empowers non-technical users to create, manage, publish, and archive rich content while the open, object-oriented API permits rapid customization and integration of Resolution’s Web content management capabilities. Resolution 3.0 is designed to integrate with an organization’s existing infrastructure and allow content owners to be fully engaged in Web and e-business initiatives. Its new Web Client eliminates the installation and maintenance of desktop authoring software while allowing non-technical authors to use their browser interface and common desktop applications, such as Microsoft Word, to create Web content. Support for all of the world’s major languages and time zone synchronization permit authors around the world to easily contribute up-to-date content regardless of their geographic location. The Resolution 3.0 Publishing API permits ready customization of the authoring interface and supports personalized, on-the-fly delivery of audience- appropriate content. New page version archiving and audit trail features permit rapid review of all site changes. Resolution 3.0 will be generally available March 31.