GE Global Exchange Services (GE) announced the commercial availability of native XML support within the AppFusion product suite of integration brokers, which includes GE InterLinx, Application Integrator, and the Enterprise System. This announcement follows months of beta testing with several clients. The addition of XML support allows the AppFusion product suite to recognize the data type it is dealing with; as a result, the integration brokers can perform business rules upon the business object. The integration broker can inspect certain fields and values, route the business object to multiple destinations based on the content of these fields and transform the fields to other values or to completely new business objects using data transformation functions contained within the integration broker. The AppFusion product portfolio includes: Application Integrator, the transformation engine has a process for performing data transformation via a one-pass process. The one-pass process enables it to handle data transformation in a real time manner to facilitate speed. Application Integrator supports XML, EDI and user defined file formats including ODBC databases and is fully internationalized to provide support for multi-byte character sets. GE InterLinx, a multipurpose integration broker that provides a platform upon which clients can centralize, expand, and manage their Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and electronic commerce integration requirements. GE InterLinx allows clients to implement a flexible, standard method for integrating their new ERP systems with their legacy applications, extending those applications for e-commerce, integrating their web applications with ERP and legacy systems, and streamlining their entire supply-chain.