TEOCO Corporation announced the availability of direct wireless support in Release 2.0 of its PageNgine family of products. PageNgine Web Site Publisher will now support concurrent delivery of HTML, XML and WML content. PageNgine Portal Infrastructure will dynamically generate web content optimally formatted for a range of wireless devices including cell phones and PDAs and WebTV. Written in Java/EJB, PageNgine’s portable architecture allows it to be fielded on a variety of run-time platforms including Windows NT and 2000 and most UNIX operating systems, while operating against all major relational databases (Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server). PageNgine is designed to support high-volume and mission-critical applications and its runtime, document and data processes are easily configurable to satisfy individual organizations’ business needs. PageNgine includes a migration feature that facilitates the re-presentation of existing Web sites through the PageNgine. PageNgine Web Site Publisher uses template-based construction to allow both dynamic and static presentation of the corporate Web presence. The product centralizes control of the site’s “look and feel” and appropriate technical standards while allowing for distributed content management and dynamically generated content such as navigation and section branding. PageNgine reduces time consuming, expensive and error prone manual processes while significantly improving publishing time. PageNgine Portal Infrastructure provides content delivery functionality packaged for the needs and revenue models of Web Portals and virtual businesses including private label branding of site content for multiple end displays and portal partners. Upcoming enhancements include user-profiling, which enables organizations to capture user and site usage information and automatically modify their presentation based on usage patterns and preferences. PageNgine Release 2.0 will be available on March 31, 2000. www.teoco.com