Percussion Software’s XSpLit, a free utility for converting HTML into XML and XSL, is now available at XSpLit meets the demands of organizations that need a simple and effective way of transforming thousands of Web-based HTML pages into XML for e-commerce and other applications. With XSpLit, developers can create the XML and XSL equivalents of their HTML pages without investing a lot of time learning XML or writing the pages by hand. This patent-pending technology is a key component of Percussion’s XML Data Server product, Rhythmyx, which dynamically serves structured data from relational databases into Web pages. Rhythmyx is one of the first products that makes use of XSL in a production environment and helps organizations benefit from XML today. Percussion XSpLit V1.0 is free for personal use. Companies wishing to license the product for bundled distribution with their offerings should contact Percussion Software for terms and conditions. The utility runs on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0.