AlbertIQ announced the beta version of WebWOWser, which enables users to create multi-page Web sites in a matter of minutes. Users quickly and easily create and customize Web sites with their own content — text, graphics, photos, sounds, and favorite links. Users can drag and drop content from their hard drive, from their desktop, even from other Web sites directly onto their Web site pages and publish their sites to the Web with the press of the Save button. WebWOWser eliminates the frustrating cycle of create, edit, save, ftp, check, edit, save ftp, check. The key to WebWOWser’s power, speed, and ease of use is its patent-pending CSD technology, which provides tight integration of the browser and the server. Users are essentially unaware of the server, which is operating quietly and invisibly in the background. Desktop services are provided from inside the browser — there is no special program or applet to install in order to create, edit, or manage sites. The WebWOWser Editor relies on ActiveX and COM technologies to operate and communicate with Windows resources. COM allows a user to drag, drop, copy, and paste local resources to the Editor. Dynamic HTML reflects site edits as users work in the Editor without creating HTML files or making requests to the server. Users actually view their site pages in the browser itself (as opposed to viewing them in a Java applet or test editor) and receive immediate feedback as they are working. WebWOWser does not generate HTML pages on the desktop. Instead, information is saved on the server and only fused when a visitor requests a user’s site. Using this method, sites can be saved quickly because the program uploads only the necessary information each time. The process of fusing page elements to produce a complete HTML page employs Active Server Page and COM technology, rendering dynamic pages that reflect the latest changes made by the user immediately. Communication between the desktop and the server is accomplished through XML. The Beta version of WebWOWser is available to users at no charge and without space limitations. WebWOWser-built Web sites are also free of placement and pop-up advertising. The current version supports Windows 95, 98, NT, and 2000 and Internet Explorer 5.0. WebWOWser will also support Netscape’s new browser when it’s released later this year.