, Inc. announced SoftLock PagePortals, thematic, customized bundles of highly respected content from leading publishers of business and financial information. This product automatically provides complete web storefronts for SoftLock Affiliates, enabling them to sell valued content. SoftLock PagePortals are available immediately, and can be instantly deployed by any organization seeking to enhance their Web site with premium content that will pay them whenever content is sold. SoftLock PagePortals are the latest eMerchandising initiative of The Company’s Brand Managers’ expertly craft bundles of valuable electronic documents and then place links to the SoftLock PagePortals in contextually appropriate locations throughout the Web. SoftLock Affiliates interested in more compelling content and increased revenue will benefit from the immediate ability to offer these sophisticated merchandising displays to their visitors, allowing them to browse through premium content and conduct point-of-purchase, e-commerce transactions. Visitors stay on the SoftLock Affiliate site throughout the entire process. SoftLock PagePortals are available immediately at