GroupServe, Inc. introduced its forum to establish a groupware standard. The forum, known as Groupware Data Exchange (GroupDX –, was created to facilitate data exchange among the various groupware applications, and facilitate data synchronization among groupware applications and their individual counterparts. The goal of the GroupDX forum is to provide industrial grade XML DTDs and Object Schemata for Internet groupware applications. This new standard will be known as Groupware Markup Language or GML. As more and more personal devices access the Internet (for example, via WAP-enabled phones, via PDAs, and via voice through regular phone calls), more and more XML languages are being invented where traditional HTML will not suffice. classifies these languages as “Final Rendition XML”, the XML that is rendered in a user’s device. aims to produce a single, semantically oriented “Final Transformation XML” for groupware, an intermediate XML that can be transformed into a “Final Rendition XML”. This Final Transformation XML is GML. In December, GroupServe launched the Palmtop version of GroupVine, its web discussion service. The Palmtop version runs on Palm OS devices, Nokia Communicator, and Windows CE devices. GroupServe is providing GroupVine accessibility to WAP-enabled mobile phones in beta this month. Voice access to GroupVine, developed using Motorola’s latest technologies, is also available in beta. GroupVine Desktop and GroupVine Palmtop are available at Both versions of GroupVine are offered at no charge.