The XML/EDI Group, the largest grass-roots organization advocating XML for business exchanges over the Internet, has joined with the Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA) for management of its business and technical services. The XML/EDI Group and DISA made the announcement at the Electronic Business XML (ebXML) meeting in Orlando, Fla. The XML/EDI Group becomes the latest client of DISA’s rapidly growing Collaborative Services Division. Like other Collaborative Services clients, DISA will host the XML/EDI Group’s web site and e-mail discussion list, as well as provide a venue for regular meetings of the group. DISA will also provide the XML/EDI Group with publishing and administrative services. The XML/EDI Group began in July 1997 as an ad hoc collection of a few professionals and volunteers in various industries dedicated to promoting and guiding the future of XML standards and products applied to electronic data interchange (EDI). The Group has grown to about 1,700 members focusing on the technology of incorporating XML with e-business particularly for smaller enterprises that have not before been able to use EDI.