SAQQARA Systems, Inc. announced the SAQQARA Commerce Suite that enables a “Content for Commerce” solution featuring product information management, publishing and XML exchange applications. Extending SAQQARA’s catalog management software, the new SAQQARA Commerce Suite represents a offering that combines search and guided buying functionality for industrial manufacturers and suppliers to easily establish an e-business strategy and capitalize on the tremendous e-commerce sales opportunities. By deploying the new SAQQARA Commerce Suite, businesses have a front-end application to launch customized commerce strategies that include integration with existing enterprise systems and interoperability with supply chain partners. Specifically, the suite provides Global 2000 manufacturers with a set of complementary Web server applications that enable them to manage and publish detailed product information with advanced product selection capabilities, exchange product information with supply chain partners via emerging XML standards, analyze customers’ online selection processes and fully participate in business-to-business electronic commerce opportunities. The SAQQARA Commerce Suite is an evolution of the company’s Step Search catalog management software. The new SAQQARA Commerce Suite leverages that technology into a complete suite of applications that enables product information management for e-commerce. ProductServer and the ProductServer Author will be available January 2000 and together are priced starting at $60,000. For those companies seeking an outsourced services model, pricing for application hosting starts at $3,000 per month. SolutionServer and the SolutionServer Author will be available January 2000 as an outsourced services model. Pricing for application hosting starts at $5,000 per month. PIXServer is scheduled for release in April 2000. AnalysisServer will be available January 2000 and is priced starting at $7,500.