WholeWeb.net announced a technology licensing, integration, and distribution agreement with Excalibur Technologies Corporation. Under the agreement, WholeWeb.net obtains the rights to integrate Excalibur RetrievalWare, and the Excalibur Multimedia Spider into its next generation search application. WholeWeb.net brings a very large database (VLDB) technology to the Web to improve coverage, relevancy, and end user expectations at a reduced cost. Excalibur RetrievalWare, an intranet search system typically used in large knowledge-focused enterprise implementations, emphasizes accuracy and scalability and excels in managing multiple data types in geographically-dispersed environments. The combination of the two technologies enables WholeWeb.net to search five billion records per second. By viewing the Web as a large, unstructured information problem, and by applying extremely fast and powerful relational database technology, WholeWeb.net covers the whole Web now, maintains its breadth of coverage as the Web grows, and places powerful interactive, graphical information mining tools in the hands of end users. This underlying core technology has been used commercially for over 10 years in mission-critical applications such as telephone billing and credit card processing. www.wholeweb.net