Qualitative Marketing Software Inc. announced the imminent availability of Centrus CIO-XML. This new version of Web-enabled data quality and data enhancement technology from QMSoft lets small to large companies integrate the Centrus brand into their E-Commerce, Call Center and CRM applications in order to get to know their customers better. Centrus CIO-XML — version 2.0 of Centrus CIO, an extensive real-time address data quality, enhancement, record matching, spatial analysis and demographic data solution for intelligently managing call center, e-commerce and point-of-sale customer interactions, is expected to be ready to ship early 1Q 2000. With the use of CIO-XML, IT professionals and database marketing managers can easily integrate multiple data sources. QMSoft hosts data sources such as household and business data files, Claritas Demographics, GDT DynaMap 2000 streets, flood maps, tax maps, and more. Additionally, CIO-XML potentially helps reduce long-term maintenance and operating costs, virtually eliminating the need for multiple and duplicative hardware and software. CIO-XML also offers a platform independent interface, allowing for it to be implemented and used in a variety of computer systems, including the remote user’s palm-top organizer. CIO-XML servers will be available on NT. Any platform that can talk HTML can use the service. QMSoft will also supply client components that handle the XML and the communications in Java, ActiveX/COM, as well as C/C++ for NT, Solaris, HP/UX, IBM AIX and Compaq Tru64. www.qmsoft.com