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Day: October 17, 1999 (Page 1 of 2) Debuts eMatter debuted its eMatter content for sale at eMatter is a secure digital publishing solution that allows authors and publishers to publish and sell their works online, earning royalties of at least 50 percent on every copy sold. The eMatter program provides a new global distribution channel for works of all kinds, including books, magazines and articles. In addition, eMatter is ideal for specialty documents, which may include articles that are longer than a magazine but shorter than a book and out-of-print materials. To publish an eMatter document, the author simply uploads the document to as an PDF file, Microsoft Word document, Postscript file or text file, sets a price, provides summary information, and then places the work into one of the thousands of subject categories available through The published eMatter document is posted for sale, where it may be found via normal search mechanisms and then purchased for download in electronic format. The author then receives a royalty check and a detailed sales report from based on the number of people who have purchased the work. To secure eMatter documents, has developed new patent-pending secure digital rights technologies to protect the ownership rights of the document, which is delivered in Windows versions of PDF. eMatter documents are expected to be available in Macintosh and UNIX versions in early 2000. Downloaded eMatter files have a persistent security wrapper that ensures that content is protected even if it is redistributed; only users who have purchased the eMatter file will be able to read it. If a copy of the eMatter file is opened on a different computer, the new reader is offered the option to purchase the work.

Ebusiness Technologies & Visionary Media Announce Relationship

eBusiness Technologies and Visionary Media, Inc. announced a technology relationship. The two companies are working together to integrate Visionary Media’s VIEWS technologies with eBusiness Technologies’ MediaBank digital asset management solution to deliver a complete workflow management system. VIEWManager enhances MediaBank’s workflow management capabilities, streamlining print production time for clients, such as corporate marketing departments and commercial publishers. VIEWPage adds automated page-building tools tailored to developing product advertisements.,

Netfish Debuts with E-Commerce Business Integration Solution

Netfish Technologies, Inc. made its debut with a B2B e-commerce solution that enables companies to streamline and automate their manufacturing, procurement and distribution processes with other organizations. In order to encourage rapid adoption by large value-chains, Netfish is giving away free Netfish XDI client software, allowing a single manufacturer to tie together all their trading partners without forcing additional costs on them.Based on XML and written in Java, the Netfish XDI system integrates with existing ERP systems, making it easy to automate and manage the workflows for complex transactions between trading partners with different applications, formats and systems. The Netfish XDI System requires no programming to integrate with ERP systems from vendors, and provides powerful graphical tools for creating custom workflow processes that reflect an organization

IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0 Adds Host of New Features

IXOS Software AG showed the major new developments in Release 4.0. The enhanced IXOS-DocuLink component allows holistic views of business processes in offline mode. The offline functionality allows access to business documents anytime, from anyplace. Notes users can now be integrated, allowing them to maintain a comprehensive overview of enterprise-wide business documents within familiar application environments. Version 4.0 also incorporates Java and XML technology. Release 4.0 takes advantage of the enhanced DocuLink 2.0 component that facilitates the end-to-end management of business documents from all kinds of sources within an SAP R/3 infrastructure. 4.0 uses XML to assign attributes to business documents which represent information, including metadata, in a system-independent form. Business documents can now also be accessed via XML-capable Web browsers. The ExchangeLink and NotesLink modules in IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0 allow interactive and automatic archiving of Exchange and Lotus Notes documents. IXOS-ARCHIVE enables archiving of all documents with digital signatures, supports the current version 2.0 of ODMA, and adds a fax gateway. German and English versions of IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0 are expected to be ready for shipment by the end of December. The availability of other international language versions is intended for the first quarter of calendar year 2000.

Open Text Introduces Web Solution for Records Management

Open Text Corporation introduced the next generation of its Web-based records management solution, RIMS product suite, enhanced by Open Text’s recent acquisition of PSSoftware. The Web client, iRIMS, facilitates the filing and retrieval of corporate records at an enterprise level, delivering its records management functionality to users via a Web browser. iRIMS productivity features, including automated email record filing and drag-and-drop capabilities, streamline the workflow lifecycle. Using the Web as the delivery platform helps record managers improve their quality of service and reduce implementation, deployment and maintenance costs. The introduction of iRIMS gives records managers and knowledge users access to all corporate record repositories through the Web client, and provides them with the ability to manage records across multiple repositories from any Web browser.

Formark Integrates InternetForms With Livelink

Formark Ltd. and UWI.Com, announced a strategic partnership. Formark has integrated UWI.Com’s InternetForms Commerce System with Open Text’s Livelink Intranet to create LiveForms, an XML application that enables Livelink users to automate business processes and undertake e-commerce on Livelink supported intranets and extranets. Formark’s LiveForms brings secure, legally-binding InternetForms to Livelink users, and provides a range of features. Formark LiveForms support: role-based workflow distribution; multiple electronic signatures; easy to use designer and database connectivity; ability to work offline; and legally-binding records. UWI.Com’s InternetForms Commerce System is a suite of products based on XFDL (Extensible Forms Description Language), an XML protocol for legally-binding transactions on the Internet. Formark LiveForms targets business process automation where sophisticated XML e-commerce forms with built-in calculations, data validation, and user confirmation and external database connections are required.,

Running Start Announces Web Content Management Solution

Running Start Inc. announced the release of ArticleBASE, an integrated content management, workflow, and dynamic publishing system designed for medium-sized to enterprise-class companies to centrally manage distributed digital content such as text, graphics, video, and audio files and publish it to the Web. Developed under the Apple WebObjects 4 platform for optimum scalability and platform independence, ArticleBASE can run on Windows NT, Sun Solaris, and Mac OS X Server operating systems and supports industry-standard databases including Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL, and Informix. Running Start’s technologies include ArticleBASE, a digital content management, workflow processing, and dynamic publishing system; and RSCommerce, an e-commerce solution.

Paladyne Unveils Datagration

Paladyne Corporation unveiled its Datagration e-Business Suite software. Datagration integrates new techniques for data discovery, data quality and job management into a Web enabled solution. Among the new integrated functions is the Metadata Distributed e-Nterprise Architecture (DNA) Manager. This metadata repository stores both technical (structured) and business (unstructured) data. Users no longer need to write and rewrite code to run replicable jobs. The business logic in Datagration is available to others within the company. Datagration’s extraction, transformation and load functions are integrated through the Metadata Distributed e-Nterprise Architecture Manager, Data Discovery Manager, Data Quality Manager and Process Manager. Data Discovery Manager.

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