Fatbrain.com debuted its eMatter content for sale at www.fatbrain.com. eMatter is a secure digital publishing solution that allows authors and publishers to publish and sell their works online, earning royalties of at least 50 percent on every copy sold. The eMatter program provides a new global distribution channel for works of all kinds, including books, magazines and articles. In addition, eMatter is ideal for specialty documents, which may include articles that are longer than a magazine but shorter than a book and out-of-print materials. To publish an eMatter document, the author simply uploads the document to Fatbrain.com as an PDF file, Microsoft Word document, Postscript file or text file, sets a price, provides summary information, and then places the work into one of the thousands of subject categories available through Fatbrain.com. The published eMatter document is posted for sale, where it may be found via normal search mechanisms and then purchased for download in electronic format. The author then receives a royalty check and a detailed sales report from Fatbrain.com based on the number of people who have purchased the work. To secure eMatter documents, Fatbrain.com has developed new patent-pending secure digital rights technologies to protect the ownership rights of the document, which is delivered in Windows versions of PDF. eMatter documents are expected to be available in Macintosh and UNIX versions in early 2000. Downloaded eMatter files have a persistent security wrapper that ensures that content is protected even if it is redistributed; only users who have purchased the eMatter file will be able to read it. If a copy of the eMatter file is opened on a different computer, the new reader is offered the option to purchase the work. www.fatbrain.com