Formark Ltd. and UWI.Com, announced a strategic partnership. Formark has integrated UWI.Com’s InternetForms Commerce System with Open Text’s Livelink Intranet to create LiveForms, an XML application that enables Livelink users to automate business processes and undertake e-commerce on Livelink supported intranets and extranets. Formark’s LiveForms brings secure, legally-binding InternetForms to Livelink users, and provides a range of features. Formark LiveForms support: role-based workflow distribution; multiple electronic signatures; easy to use designer and database connectivity; ability to work offline; and legally-binding records. UWI.Com’s InternetForms Commerce System is a suite of products based on XFDL (Extensible Forms Description Language), an XML protocol for legally-binding transactions on the Internet. Formark LiveForms targets business process automation where sophisticated XML e-commerce forms with built-in calculations, data validation, and user confirmation and external database connections are required.,