Enigma, Inc. announced the release of INSIGHT for Livelink, an e-publishing suite. This new suite will enable users to automatically assemble and deliver document collections as e-publications directly from Livelink. INSIGHT for Livelink creates unified e-publications from a wide variety of source document formats managed in a Livelink repository, including MS Word/RTF, Adobe FrameMaker, PDF, as well as virtually any graphics file format. Structured documents such as those tagged with XML, HTML or SGML may also be incorporated into an e-publication. The e-publishing process maps document paragraph tags and Livelink Attributes (author, date, and so forth) to search topics that help the e-publication consumers to quickly find the information they need from a simple menu-driven search dialog. The e-publishing process also automatically creates hyperlinks, a dynamic table of contents, and a custom look and feel for the entire collection. Once created, INSIGHT e-publications can be delivered and accessed as a vertical portal within a portal on the Livelink platform. INSIGHT also provides alternative offline distribution methods, such as CD-ROM or extranets. www.enigma.com, www.opentext.com