The Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. (DMTF) announced the completion of the specification for Common Information Model (CIM) Operations over HTTP v1.0. This specification, which is available on the DMTF Web site at joins CIM and XML in providing the base of technologies for the DMTF’s WBEM initiative. The CIM Operations over HTTP specification defines a mapping of CIM operations onto HTTP that allows implementations of CIM to interoperate in an open, standardized manner and completes the technologies that support WBEM. With all three of the component pieces of WBEM now in place, CIM, xmlCIM, and CIM Operations over HTTP, vendors can now build WBEM based management solutions. CIM is an object-oriented information model standardized within the DMTF for the purposes of providing a conceptual framework within which any management data may be modeled. Allowing CIM information to be represented in the form of XML brings all of the benefits of XML and its related technologies to distributed management. WBEM is a set of management and Internet standard technologies developed to unify the management of enterprise computing environments. It provides the ability for the industry to deliver a well-integrated set of standards-based management tools, leveraging ubiquitous technologies such as CIM, XML and HTTP.