Interleaf announced the establishment of “the e-content company. ” Recognized as a separate business segment, the e-content company is dedicated to the development of XML-based content management solutions for e-business applications. The e-content company develops and delivers BladeRunner, the division’s solution that provides end-to-end content management solution for e-business applications. BladeRunner enables companies to create, manage, and publish e-content – targeted, timely, personalized, intelligent business information – for web-enabled applications using XML as its technology backbone and Microsoft Word for content creation. Companies are able to apply intelligence, structure and style to their business information, generate output in a variety of formats, and dynamically integrate that information with other electronic and business processes in support of their e-business initiatives. BladeRunner enables organizations to leverage information content and facilitate business transactions through the information chain, connecting companies with their customers, suppliers and distributors. In addition to the establishment of the new business segment, the e-content company will launch their own website, when it goes live on July 12, 1999.