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Day: June 28, 1999 (Page 1 of 2)

Jetform Announces XML Forms Architecture

JetForm Corporation announced “XML Forms Architecture” (XFA), a new, comprehensive specification that adds enterprise-caliber forms-processing features to the popular XML standard. Unlike other electronic-only solutions and XML-based Internet forms specifications, XFA was designed from the ground up as XML conformant and provides two unique advantages: flexible packaging of form and/or data and output awareness. XFA is an open specification that acts as a bridge between the underlying XML data structure and high-level presentation formats. Since it is “data schema neutral,” XFA works equally well with a variety of XML data formats including those specified in the BizTalk Framework from Microsoft. XFA takes XML data schemas and adds graphic presentation and secure electronic signatures to create legally-binding, compliant documents of record. XFA will be incorporated into this fall’s release of FormFlow, JetForm’s industry-leading, XML-based electronic forms software.

MarketSoft Submits BizTalk Framework-Compatible Schema

MarketSoft Corporation announced that it has submited its XML-based eLeads solution, already in use in multiple production environments, as a schema compatible with the BizTalk Framework. MarketSoft’s schema has been submitted to, the central repository and developer resource site for BizTalk Framework compatible schemas.

IMA Partners with IBM & FileNET

IMA announced it is partnering with IBM and FileNET to deliver solutions that integrate customer-focused, front-office activities with transaction-oriented back-office processes. Based on IMA’s EDGE software, this new platform combines the latest in Web and e-commerce software, computer-telephony integration (CTI) and call center/customer interaction technology, and FileNET integrated document management (IDM) software. This new platform enables comprehensive management of customer information to maximize ROI and increase revenue and profit opportunities. The end result is faster implementation of integrated solutions using proven, reliable components that work together easily and can maximize system lifetime value.

CYA Inc. Announces Backup Product for EDMS 98

CYA, Inc. announced the launch of CYA HOTBackup. CYA HOTBackup initially targets companies who have implemented Documentum, Inc.’s Enterprise Document Management System 98 (EDMS 98). CYA has chosen to address the issue of Knowledge Insurance, the ability to secure through backup and recovery the metadata, document links and content stored in Documentum EDMS 98. CYA HOTBackup provides unique levels of rollback and recovery of everything from virtual document assemblies to work processes-in-progress. CYA is targeting an entire family of integrated products and utilities into the CYA Command Console strategy. The CYA Command Console for Documentum is an integrated suite designed to enhance and protect Documentum EDMS solutions. The CYA Command Console for Documentum currently supports Documentum EDMS 98. CYA’s strategic plan moving forward includes support for future versions of Documentum’s platform technology, including Documentum 4I.

Intraspect & Autonomy Partner on Collaborative Knowledge Portals

Autonomy and Intraspect announced they will join forces to build and market the next generation of collaborative knowledge portals. By taking advantage of Autonomy’s powerful technology, Intraspect customers will be able to expedite the deployment of collaborative knowledge portals, while extracting maximum value from the large volumes of information in their corporate reservoirs and the Web.,

Infoseek Software & Viador Team

Infoseek Software, a division of Infoseek Corporation and developer of the Ultraseek Server enterprise search application, and Viador, Inc., a developer of Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) software, announced an agreement that will facilitate an EIP solution to help corporations provide better and easier access to critical business information from intranets, extranets and the Internet. Under this agreement, Viador can embed Ultraseek Server 3.0 into Viador’s E-Portal Suite 6, a new version of the EIP that, with Ultraseek Server’s added capabilities, will access both structured and unstructured data sources, including relational and multidimensional databases, business intelligence reports, news and event data, HTML, Microsoft Office, and Lotus Notes documents, along with other important standard corporate data formats. The relationship also extends the availability of both Ultraseek Server 3.0 and E-Portal Suite 6 through collaborative sales, marketing, support and training efforts. Viador’s E-Portal Suite 6, with Ultraseek Server 3.0, is scheduled for general availability in the third quarter of 1999.,

Intraspect Software Announces Knowledge Server 2.5

Intraspect Software announced the release of Intraspect Knowledge Server 2.5 (IKS 2.5), the newest version of its product. With IKS 2.5, Intraspect’s easy-to-use, collaborative software, customers and partners can customize their applications with a unique look and feel as they deploy Collaborative Knowledge Portal applications. IKS also provides powerful ways to extend the reach of enterprise information by including access to legacy data found in Lotus Notes. IKS also includes LDAP support, which will improve directory integration. IKS 2.5 provides new features and benefits that enhance customization and security, and increase access to existing applications, including: Enhanced Customization, Specialized Template Engines, Knowledge Spider for Lotus Notes, Improved Integration using LDAP, and Enhanced Data Exchange Using XML. Purchase Licenses range from $300-$600 per user (based on number of users). Subscriptions from 1 or 3 years range from $80-$440 per user per year (based on number of users).

IBM And Rational Announce Strategic Alliance

IBM and Rational Software Corporation announced a strategic alliance to jointly develop and market software that will help customers accelerate the development and deployment of e-business applications. Through joint development, IBM and Rational will provide solutions that support the entire application development process to provide business process modeling, business requirements definition, visual modeling, code generation, configuration management, defect tracking, testing, deployment and systems management with tools optimized for every role on the development team. IBM and Rational are developing a roadmap to more closely integrate Rational Suite with software from the IBM Application Framework for e-business. The first result of this partnership is a new integration between IBM’s VisualAge integrated development environment and Rational Suite. This new integration is a standards-based XML Metadata Interchange (XMI) bridge between IBM’s VisualAge for Java and Rational Rose, a key product in Rational Suite. This enables full round-trip engineering between VisualAge for Java and Rational Rose, providing generation of Java code from models and models from Java. The integration is delivered as an add-in to VisualAge for Java and will be available for download on June 30, from IBM’s VisualAge Developer resource site, VisualAge Developer Domain at to registered users.

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