Softshare has unveiled Softshare Delta, a data mapping and translation application that meets the challenges of integrating EDI documents and XML documents with an enterprise’s existing line of business applications. Softshare Delta supports the broad range of data formats that today’s business must work with. These data formats include the ANSI X12 and UN/EDIFACT EDI standards, flat files, databases, XML documents, and text documents. Softshare Delta is one of only a handful of EDI data mapping applications that supports Microsoft’s OLE DB standard and the XML data format. When mapping from one data format to another, Softshare Delta provides the user with a three-pane view: the top half of the view displays mapping rules and the bottom half is split between the source and target data formats. Users may customize the interface by viewing only one or two panes. Mapping a data element from the source data format to the target data format is as simple as dragging and dropping that element. Softshare Delta’s Expression Builder allows users to incorporate functions, conditions, variables, and constants into the mapping rules. Available for $3,600-$5,800, Softshare Delta works with Softshare Vista 2.0 or Softshare’s Electronic Commerce Server (ECS) application for data communications, tracking, and map execution management. Both Softshare Vista and Softshare ECS provide secure communications between trading partners and Softshare’s network using Internet standards such as TCP/IP, SMTP, POP3 and the S/MIME security standard.