BlueGill Technologies, announced the BlueGill i-Series, a set of Web-based software applications and tools that enable companies to transform legacy data, such as billing, statements and business to business communications, into interactive customer applications (ICA). The i-Series assists companies in improving customer loyalty, increasing customer retention and building market share in the new Internet economy. The BlueGill i-Series consists of five Web-based software applications, including i-Banker, i-Broker, i-Biller, i-Telco, and i-Insurance, and is packaged around BlueGill’s experience in implementing interactive, customized communications and transactions between businesses and customers in several different industry segments. While many of these implementations were for consumer EBPP, BlueGill has also implemented several other applications outside of EBPP, including telco business-to-business communications, manufacturing applications (EDI RFQ response), insurance administration and online investment statement applications. With the BlueGill Engine, the i-Series combines a modular set of industry specific functions for billing management, business-to-business bills, statements, payment linkage, administration, e-commerce, customer service and marketing, and data management. The BlueGill Engine manages the transition of legacy data into XML-based “Smart Objects,” by transforming the data into an object model and storing it as an XML construct. BlueGill Smart Objects are used to transform customer data into interactive applications, creating a customized, flexible business applications.