Oracle Corp. announced a complete infrastructure, based on XML, for the exchange and management of information associated with all aspects of e-business. This technology offers a more flexible server infrastructure to help companies solve complex business problems such as content routing, processing and management. As part of this infrastructure, Oracle announced that it is working on message broker capabilities, which will be combined with Oracle’s Internet platform — Oracle8i, Oracle Application Server and Oracle Tools — to comprise a complete infrastructure for e-business. Specifically, Oracle announced: XML-enabled message broker capabilities; XML support in Oracle8i: available immediately in the form of an XML Parser; A new version of Oracle Application Server and a roadmap for the product that is a central component of Oracle’s XML-enabled Internet platform. The Oracle Internet platform, consisting of Oracle8i, Oracle Application Server, and Oracle’s message broker capabilities, will provide an XML-enabled server infrastructure that can interface with any e-commerce server and back-office system, including order-entry and billing applications.