PC DOCS/Fulcrum, subsidiary of PC DOCS Group International Inc debuted its latest document management products: DOCSFusion 3.0, PowerDOCS 3.0, and DOCS Open 3.8 at the AIIM’99 show in Atlanta, Georgia. DOCSFusion 3.0, PC DOCS/Fulcrum’s upgraded Windows NT-based document management server, and PowerDOCS 3.0, its Windows-based client, are the latest enhancements to the company’s three-tier document management suite. DOCS Open 3.8 is PC DOCS/Fulcrum’s newest upgrade to its client-server document management product line. DOCSFusion 3.0 includes fail-over support which, through multiple physical servers acting as one `logical server’, ensures no down time if failure of any part of the network prevents a connection to a particular server. DOCSFusion 3.0’s ability to pool these multiple server resources also enables load balancing, which significantly enhances reliability, performance and scalability. The DOCSFusion server also provides support for any kind of client connection — regardless of geographic location. In addition to PowerDOCS 3.0 and DOCSFusion 3.0, PC DOCS/Fulcrum is also introducing the latest version of its client-server document management product. The new DOCS Open 3.8 is equipped with enhanced functionality such as improved full text indexing and multi-valued fields, which allow users to add more information to their document profiles. DOCSFusion 3.0, PowerDOCS 3.0, and DOCS Open 3.8 will be released on May 21, 1999. www.pcdocs.com