NeoPlanet Inc., developer of the NeoPlanet “browser/portal” available free for downloading at, today previewed a next-generation NeoPlanet 5.0 featuring support for the Netscape Gecko browsing engine and a “toggle switch” that allows users to choose between Microsoft and Netscape browsing technologies. NeoPlanet’s browser gives consumers and business users freedom of choice and the ability to seamlessly switch between Netscape and Microsoft browsing technologies while browsing Internet content and accessing Web-based applications and services using a consistent user interface.. Business users and Web application and content developers have the convenience of quickly and easily toggling between browsers. With the ability to view their Web sites in both environments they can ensure optimum viewing. Neoplanet 5.0 is the first consumer browser to implement Netscape Gecko, the next-generation browser engine first announced last December. Gecko is in full compliance with key W3C open standards, including CSS, DOM, HTML 4.0, RDF, and