Miva Corporation announced that the XML DTD for Miva Script is now available to the public. Miva Script is a cross-platform, XML-based, server side scripting Language. Access to Miva Script’s DTD and Commerce API means that third-party developers can create products that integrate with Miva Script. Miva Script gives developers access to advanced commerce and database features in a familiar environment that consists of HTML-like tags. In addition, Miva has developed a Commerce API for snap-in integration of payment processing systems. Developers can access these services using the MvCOMMERCE tag which can be embedded in a Web page. Any commerce service provider and third party vendor can integrate with the XML compliant MvCOMMERCE tag by supplying a shared or dynamically linked library. Miva Merchant, the company’s electronic storefront development and management system, developed entirely in Miva Script, has been organized as a series of modules that can be field upgraded to provide new functionality without any changes to the core application. Miva Merchant’s architecture lets third-party developers prepare and market specialized look and feel commerce modules. www.miva.com