SoftQuad Software Inc., announced new value-added tools for HoTMetaL Application Server, its low-cost solution for deploying e-commerce, customer service and personalized content applications. These tools–Quick Apps and Power Parts–are pre-built mini-applications that are ideal for end-users and developers alike, enabling them to increase the functionality of their sites with drag-and-drop ease. Quick Apps and Power Parts are available at no charge via SoftQuad Software’s new web site, HoTMetaL users can access these sophisticated tools via the HoTMetaL Resource Manager. Once loaded into the Resource Manager, users just drag and drop to add the mini-applications to their web sites. Absolutely no programming or testing is required. Power Parts are building blocks that enhance a Web site’s productivity instantly. They are also developed using Miva scripts, and are accessed through the HoTMetaL Resource Manager. Power Parts include a Mail-to form, a banner ad rotator and statistical analysis tool, and a robust password protection system with the ability to add and delete users, create and change passwords, and more. To add Power Parts to a site, users just select one from the Resource Manager, define a few parameters and settings, and then insert it onto their site.