Optika Inc., a provider of Web commerce solutions for intranets and extranets, today announced that it has entered into a technology partnership with UWI.Com, a leading provider of secure XML forms solutions for the Internet. Under the agreement, the companies will integrate UWI.Com’s XML InternetForms system with Optika eMedia to enable businesses to engage in electronic commerce with their supply chain over Internet, intranet and extranet sites. The integration will enable companies to build forms accessible through standard browsers, providing capabilities that automate the completion and validation of the forms data. Because UWI.Com InternetForms are built on XML, they also include additional metadata used by Optika eMedia systems to automate form processing. For example, a company can use an InternetForm to order additional materials from a supplier simply by going to an extranet site. The supplier’s system will then automatically start up a workflow for processing the request, based upon order amount, shipment deadline and available inventory. www.optika.com, www.uwi.com.