Gilbane Conference Washington DC 2007The Gilbane Conference – Washington DC

A Conference on Content Technologies for Government and Non-Profit Agencies in Cooperation with CMS Watch

The Ronald Reagan Building, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C., 20004 – June 4 – 6, 2007

(The 2006 version of this conference with presentations is also available.)


Conference Chair: Tony Byrne, CMS Watch

Program Advisory Committee:
Dan Elam, EVisory
Betty Harvey, ECCNet
Sheila Campbell,
Lisa Welchman, Welchman Consulting
Dana Hallman, Treasury
Rand Ruggieri, Commerce
Travis Wissinks, TL Consulting
Theresa Regli, CMS Watch
Jeff Ellsworth, Siteworx
Chris Wolz, Forum One
Woody Carlisle, Ironworks Consulting
Doug Keating, Booz | Allen | Hamilton

Conference Program – KEYNOTES

Opening Keynote Panel

Analysts Debate the Future of Content Technologies
2007 has proven to be an invigorating year for content technologies. Microsoft transformed SharePoint into an ECM platform. IBM and Yahoo! released free search as an alternative to the Google Appliance. Web CMS vendors are falling over themselves to introduce new, Ajax-based, Web 2.0-powered platforms. What does it all mean? Do the enduring truths of content management still apply? What should managers be on the lookout for in 2008 and beyond? Join a panel of senior analysts and consultants sharing their thoughts about the future of content technologies.

Moderator: Tony Byrne, Founder, CMS Watch

Frank Gilbane, CEO, Gilbane Group, Inc.
Ann Rockley, President, The Rockley Group
Theresa Regli, Principal, CMS Watch
Erik Hartman, Consultant, Hartman Communicatie BV Benelux Steering Committee Member CM Professionals
Priscilla Emery, President. e-Nterprise Advisors

Keynote panel

CIOs Grapple with Content
In most enterprises, digital content doubles every 3 years. At the same time, customers and constituents want access to more of it, in the format they want, at the time they need it, organized carefully around their needs. Meanwhile, enterprises are accountable more than ever for the information they produce, publish, keep, and destroy. What’s a CIO to do? Join our panel of CIOs to find out how they’ve dealt with the explosion of demands in their enterprises.

Moderator: Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Principal at CMS Watch

Heidi W. Byerly, CAE, IOM – Chief Information Officer, Society for Human Resource Management
Alan Mlinarchik – Chief Information Officer, KCI Holdings

Closing Panel: Town Hall Session
What are the key take-aways?

Rand Ruggieri, Program Manager, Office of the CIO, Commerce Department
Atle Skjekkeland, Vice President, AIIM
Adriaan Bloem, Co-Founder, Radagio Consulting



Social Networking: The Association Experience
Everyone agrees that “social networking” presents a potentially very powerful and useful service that associations websites can provide their members. That’s the theory, anyway, but what about the practice? Join a panel of association executives sharing lessons learned from their own Web 2.0 initiatives: the barriers they overcame, what worked, what didn’t, and what they’re planning next.

Moderator: Rick Johntson, CAE, Ironworks Consulting  (presentation)

Mark Carpenter, General Manager, eKnowledge for the American Institute of Architects
Reggie Henry, CIO, ASAE

Content Management meets Association Management
Tightly integrating content management processes and technologies into your association can unleash the strategic potential of your Web site. The key is to understand how to best create value for members and contribute to your mission by tying these technologies and processes together. Join our panel of association executives to learn how they successfully integrated content management into their organizations, and how these models could apply to your association.

Moderator: David Gammel, President, High Context Consulting   (presentation)

David Tauriello, Web Strategist and Project Manager, Volunteers of America
Kathleen McBride, Vice President, Internet Strategy & Member Services, XBRL.US

Pump My Website!
Looking for a website overhaul or significant improvements and want to understand the range of possible strategies? Based on the hit MTV series Pimp My Ride,this session pits 3 consulting firms against each other to re-imagine an association website and online strategy. Best of all, you get to vote the winner!

Moderator: Tony Byrne, Founder, CMS Watch

Forum One Communications
Siteworx Communications
Miller Systems

Top 10 Success Factors for a Content Technology Project
What are the most important things to do to guarantee success of your technology project? Join an experienced content management expert for a discussion of the most important success factors. Match wits with your peers as the audience develops its own “Top 10” list to compare with the presenter’s.

Moderator: Jeff Ellsworth, Vice President, Siteworx

Dave Coriale, President, DelCor Technology Solutions, Inc.

How are we doing? Traditional Websites and Analytics meet Web 2.0
Marketing and communications managers – and senior executives – are increasingly using web analytics and search analytics to measure performance and understand visitor intent. Join an analytics expert to understand how the changing web can still be measured. Our second panelist will explain “Smithsonian 2.0.” Your organization has worked hard to establish itself as a trusted resource but Blogs, Wikis, and community-generated content are challenging conventional notions of trust and reputation. Learn how the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Web strategy balances caution and risk in the pursuit of relevance in the Web 2.0 era.

Moderator: Theresa Regli, Principal, CMS Watch

Phil Kemelor, Principal, PKWeb Communications
Michael Edson, Chief, Information Technology, Smithsonian American Art Museum

Lessons from the 250k Club: Managers of huge websites share tips and tricks
Bigger is often better, but it’s harder, too. Join a panel of experts who have managed websites of a quarter-million pages or more. How did they develop efficient workflows? How did they know what they were publishing? How did they deal with super-intense performance and integration needs?

Moderator: Tony Byrne

Alden Hart, Principal, Ten Mile Square Consulting

Best practices in integrating CMS and SEO
Of course you want better Google rankings. But you also need an automated CMS. Will running a content management system hurt or help your SEO efforts? Join Randy Woods, a CMS/SEO expert, as he looks at how to configure your CMS at a site, template, and page level to achieve better SEO results.

Moderator: Theresa Regli, Principal, CMS Watch

Randy Woods, President, non-linear creations  (presentation)

Web Content Management Meets Web 2.0
Enterprises now need to understand how to manage content in a truly interactive environment. It’s not just management of web content to talk to your customers, it’s understanding how to successfully manage video, mobile content, blogs, wikis, podcast and widgets to allow your customers to talk to your customers. This means enterprises need to change the way they are creating, tagging, storing and distributing their digital assets. This session will discuss trends in managing content in the Web 2.0 world, examples of how enterprises are doing it today, and a vision of how it might look in the future.

Moderator: Theresa Regli, Principal, CMS Watch

Speakers: Bryant Shea, Director, Content Management, Molecular


Developing a multi-channel publishing strategy
While the web is an important vehicle for content delivery in today’s environment, paper is also important and there are more and more requirements for delivery of content via mobile devices. Multi-channel publishing is not as simple as repurposing content. This sessions provides guidelines for developing a multi-channel publishing strategy that is cost effective and efficient.

Moderator: Dana Hallman, OCC, Treasury Department

Ann Rockley, President, The Rockley Group  (presentation)

Everything you wanted to know about MOSS 2007 (but were afraid to ask)
You’re curious. You want to know. What’s up with Microsoft Office SharePoint (MOSS) 2007? Join 4 expert consultants with hands-on MOSS 2007 experience who will explain what they love about the new SharePoint, what they hate about it, and some little-known nuggets about this powerful but sometimes perplexing platform.

Moderator: Tony Byrne, Founder, CMS Watch

Randy Woods, President, non-linear creations   (presentation)
Russell Stalters, President, Applied Information Sciences   (presentation)
Shawn Shell, Principal, Consejo, Inc.   (presentation)

Public sector content and accessibility guidelines: learning from the
European experience

Many European governments have experimented with new content and accessibility guidelines. What can we learn from their experience? Join two specialists who will discuss the pros and cons of recent guidelines enacted in Holland, the UK, and Denmark.

Moderator: Mary Laplante, VP Consulting, Gilbane Group, Inc.

Raph de Rooij, Accessibility Consultant, Advies Overheid   (presentation)
Erik N. Hartman, Consultant, Hartman-Communicatie   (presentation)

Tagging, Folksonomy, Taxonomies: What, How, and When?
Recently there’s been increased interest in “tagging.” The idea is simple: users associate words and phrases with content. On one end of the spectrum, there’s taxonomy: a hierarchical categorization scheme established as an organizational standard. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s folksonomy, where users free-associate whatever tags they wish to the content. Sounds straightforward, but does it work? Is one approach better than the other, and how do content management tools help or hinder the process? Many questions arise around tagging as development teams implement tagging tools and services. In this presentation, expert information architects Theresa Regli and Thomas Vander Wal will discuss the current state of tagging, discuss and debate the advantages and disadvantages of both taxonomy and folksonomy, and how both can augment your existing practices and provide new avenues of discovery. Integration challenges and tagging applications offered by the various CMS products on the market will also be covered.

Moderator: Mary Laplante, VP Consulting, Gilbane Group, Inc.

Theresa Regli, Principal, CMS Watch   (presentation)
Thomas Vander Wal, InfoCloud Solutions, Inc., Principal and Senior Consultant

What is “ECM Lite” and how can you start today?
Does “enterprise” content management have to mean heavy and expensive? Not always. Join a leading ECM guru who will step you through the pros and cons of implementing one of the newer, lightweight ECM solutions on the market.

Moderator: Russell Stalters, President, Applied Information Sciences

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Principal, CMS Watch

DITA: not just for TechDocs
The new XML standard from OASIS called DITA is being adopted at unprecedented levels in the technical communication industry. But DITA is not just for technical communication. As an XML standard that supports web-based content delivery, reuse and globalization of content, it is a standard that can be adapted to many types of content. This session introduces DITA, explains the benefits of DITA and outlines how DITA can be used. Case studies will be used to illustrate concepts.

Moderator: Mary Laplante, VP Consulting, Gilbane Group, Inc.

Ann Rockley, President, The Rockley Group   (presentation)

The enterprise search technology landscape
As the volume of digital content expands geometrically, search technology remains at the forefront of information management planning. But is search technology really keeping up? Will simple appliances like Google’s OneBox solve your complex enterprise search needs? Join a search technology analyst to review the current technology landscape and assess your options for selecting new search technology — or making better use of what you have already.

Moderator: Mary Laplante, VP Consulting, Gilbane Group, Inc.

Theresa Regli, Principal, CMS Watch   (presentation)

Stump the Consultant!
…and win a free iPod! Bring your toughest, thorniest, most intractable content technology conundrum or content management project challenge to the session. A team of experienced consultants will compete to offer you the best advice in 2 minutes or less. The attendee who most successfully stumps the consultants wins an iPod.

Moderator: Tony Byrne, Founder, CMS Watch

Lisa Welchman, Founder, Welchman Consulting
Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Principal, CMS Watch
Dan Elam, Founder, eVisory
Chris Wolz, President/CEO, Forum One Communications


Building a business case for an agency Web CMS: lessons learned
You know you need a web content management system, but how are you going to justify funding for it? Join a panel of federal specialists describing how they secured support for a CMS

Moderator: Christine Pierpoint, Senior Consultant, Welchman Consulting

Brian Moran, Director, Office of IT Services US ITC   (presentation)
Sanjay Koyani, Director, FDA Web Communications, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Web Governance: successful models
Everyone agrees that effective governance is essential to effective websites, but everyone wants to know: who’s dong it well? Come explore some alternate governance models before deciding what might work best for your agency.

Moderator: Lisa Welchman, Founder, Welchman Consulting

Gwynne Kostin, Director, Web Communications, Dept of Homeland Security   (presentation)
Rand Ruggieri, Program Manager, Office of the CIO, Commerce Department

Authors at our agency actually tag content
Tagging is big. It adds real value to content by making it much more findable and citizen-centric. But how do you get contributors to tag? Join some federal web managers who can share different approaches to making sure that web content is properly tagged.

Moderator: Christine Pierpoint, Senior Consultant, Welchman Consulting

Cy Kidd, Office of Water, Environmental Protection Agency   (presentation)
Peter N. Schweitzer, U.S. Geological Survey

Chicken or the egg: synchronizing agency website redesigns and CMS implementations
This session will offer an analytical overview of the challenges of redesigning a website front end and back end at the same time. It will examine 2 different approaches from separate federal agencies to draw some conclusions about whether and how to synchronize graphic redesigns with Web CMS implementations.

Moderator: Christine Pierpoint, Senior Consultant, Welchman Consulting

Don Bruns, Aquilent    (presentation)

Enterprise Portals: federal lessons learned
Many federal agencies struggle to obtain significant business value from their portals. Whether internal or external, portals can be confusing for customers to use, hard to implement, difficult to manage, and expensive to maintain. Enterprise Portal technology provides the infrastructure and framework for integrating information and processes across organizational boundaries. But, all portal technology is not the same, and successfully implementing a portal can prove challenging. Gain a better understanding of how enterprise portal technology can benefit your organization. Learn how to determine the best COTS portal product to match your business needs. Discover lessons learned from several Federal portal projects and best practices for implementing portal solutions.

Moderator: Sheila Campbell, Senior Content Manager,

Douglas Keating, Senior Associate, Booz | Allen | Hamilton    (presentation)

Migrating Commercial Best-Practices to Government Web Enterprises
Many federal agencies struggle today to deliver truly user-centric websites that serve their varied audiences with efficient and satisfying web experiences. Distributed organizational structures, unclear strategic goals, insufficient investments, and lack of adequate governance models limit their ability to deliver and maintain an effective online experience. In the commercial sector, the evolution of the web has moved with astonishing speed driven by a Darwinian imperative of “succeed or disappear.” Visitors to commercially successful sites now hold extremely high expectations for how effectively all websites should perform. To truly realize the promise of e-Government, federal agencies must quickly to learn how to adopt the lessons from the commercial sector into their own web initiatives. Drawing on experience with multiple federal and commercial enterprises, NavigationArts CEO Leo Mullen will share techniques for identifying relevant best-practices, building strategic focus, and driving change across siloed organizational structures.

Moderator: Michael Edson, Chief, Information Technology, Smithsonian American Art Museum

Leo Mullen, CEO of NavigationArts

Architecture Matters – Building Enterprise Records Management On a Solid Foundation
According to NARA there are more than 16,000 different file formats in use today in the US Federal Government and this ever-changing set of records has raised critical issues regarding their trustworthiness and accessibility now and into the future. But, just evaluating records management tools on a standalone basis is not a sound approach to solving the current E-records challenge. Ms. Emery will address strategies for integrating records management into organizations’ business processes along with IT governance and applications taking into account both present and future requirements for access and regulatory compliance.

Moderator: Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Principal, CMS Watch

Priscilla Emery, Founder, e-Nterprise Advisors

FEA and content integration
Through the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) OMB has published a variety of Architectural Reference Models to government agencies. These models are designed to facilitate the coordination and awareness of cross agency capabilities. The Data Reference Model (DRM) in particular describes in some detail how the agencies can integrate and share content. This presentation describe the DRM for the layperson content manager, and offer some perspectives on technical architectures to realize greater content interoperability.

Moderator: Russell Stalters, President, Applied Information Sciences

Travis Wissink, Solutions Architect, TL Consulting    (presentation)


Pre-conference Tutorial A
Web Operations Management
Instructor: Lisa Welchman

There’s more to managing a web site than selecting the right technologies. This tutorial will focus on fundamentals of Web Operations Management (WOM). Lisa Welchman will detail the 4 dimensions of WOM and provided practical tips and suggestions for managing the Web. Information covered:

Strategy & Governance

  • Building and staffing your web operations group
  • Review of Web Governance Lifecycle
  • Review of standards categories for web
  • Methods for measuring governance and strategy maturity

Content, Data Applications

  • Information Architecture in a nutshell
  • Taxonomy & Metadata in a nutshell
  • How content, data and applications interact on the web and why you should care
  • Structuring content for search and retrieval

Process & Workflow

  • Steps for building sustainable web processes
  • Understanding your organization’s web production style
  • Measuring web processes and workflow against standards

Tools & Infrastructure

  • What are your key product choices (portals, search engines, CMS, et al) and what’s the difference between them.
  • Matching technology solutions to content management problems
  • How to tell what product you should deploy first, second, third, etc.

Pre-conference Tutorial B
Enterprise Content Management Technology: A Primer
Instructor: Alan Pelz-Sharpe

While much is said about ECM being expensive and difficult, few can agree what ECM actually is. In this tutorial, ECM Guru Alan Pelz-Sharpe will guide you through a step-by-step approach to analyzing your needs, and then matching those needs against the right ECM product set. He will provide an in depth non-partisan view of the current ECM market and look at the strengths and weaknesses of the leading players, along with sharing methods and strategies to ensure project success. Alan will share actual selection techniques, projects methodologies and sample deliverables.

Pre-conference Tutorial C
Web Analytics: A Primer
Instructor: Phil Kemelor

Measurement is the key to management…and success! But measuring the effectiveness of your website is not simple. Analytics guru Phil Kemelor will offer a primer outlining the how to start and run an analytics effort, and assess the surprisingly diverse set of technology options. The session will conclude with a critical examination of the analytics marketplace and offer best practices for your analytics program.

Pre-conference Tutorial C
Web Content Management Systems: Architectures and Products
Instructor: Tony Byrne, Founder & Principal, CMS Watch

Join us for a half-day tutorial that can help you and your team understand Web Content Management technologies, architectures, and the marketplace. CMS Watch founder Tony Byrne leads an intensive, fast-paced introduction to Web Content Management functionality, product categories, and specific vendors. The session concludes with a roadmap for product selection. Learn:

  • 16 steps in the Web CMS lifecycle: questions you should ask and how vendors differ in how they achieve basic functionality
  • 7 categories of CMS products, including features and typical price ranges
  • Specific characteristics of sample vendors in each category
  • How to start evaluating and ultimately select suitable technologies for an organization
  • The 4 most common CMS pitfalls, and best practices for avoiding them

This session assumes you have developed a business case and at least some semblance of requirements such that you want to get into the nitty-gritty of product functionality and architectures. As a vendor-neutral presentation, this seminar will enable you to sharpen your organization’s CMS needs and identify suitable technology choices.

Pre-conference Tutorial D
Taxonomies: A practical guide to design and implementation
Instructor: Theresa Regli

Everyone agrees that taxonomies are critical to effective document and web content management, useful portals, and good search results, as well as essential to proper records management. But how do you successfully go about the messy business of creating taxonomies, especially at the enterprise level? Noted taxonomy guru Theresa Regli will lead you through a practical, step-by-step approach to crafting enterprise taxonomies, demonstrating actual project methodologies and deliverables.

Pre-conference Tutorial F
Taking advantage of the “new” SharePoint
Instructor: Shawn Shell, Principal, Consejo, Inc.

Windows SharePoint Services v3.0 is the latest revision of Microsoft’s
wildly successful SharePoint platform. During a 3 hour tutorial, Shawn
Shell, Principal at Consejo, Inc., will be showing attendees how to take
advantage of the new features in the latest release. During this
tutorial, he’ll cover the following topics:

  • Creating a new collaborative space
    Creating lists and libraries to capture business information
  • Using workflow services to improve information sharing
  • Creating and using Content Types
  • Implementing custom workflows to enhance collaboration