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Day: June 18, 2024

Argo Translation launches CMSConnect: Slack

Argo Translation, a Chicago-based language services company, announced the launch of CMSConnect: Slack. The tool simplifies multilingual communication for the nearly 35 million users of Slack, a popular cloud-based team communication platform. This launch marks another addition to Argo Translation’s CMSConnect, a suite of translation connectors that includes translation integrations for a multitude of CMS, PIM, CRM, and DAM platforms, including Microsoft SharePoint, WordPress, and Adobe Experience Manager.

With native integration in the Slack platform, CMSConnect: Slack is easy to use. Once a customer has authorized Argo Translation access to their Slack workspace, customers can choose which of the 80+ languages and dialects they want available to their team. Afterward, users simply add the corresponding flag emoji to the text intended for non-English speakers to prompt an AI translation. Additionally, users can generate a voice message from translated text and translate attached documents.

⁠CMSConnect: Slack workflows are customizable, allowing for the display of a quality score with every translated message. Argo Translation can also implement a custom language model to refine the messages for improved tone, clarity, and grammar.

Acrolinx launches new AI capabilities

Acrolinx, experts in SaaS enterprise content governance, launched new generative AI capabilities to maximize productivity benefits while mitigating risks that AI poses. After a successful Beta program with over 20 enterprise customers, Get Suggestions, AI Assistant, and AI Guardrails are publicly available for organizations to use AI confidently and securely. 

Get Suggestions accelerates the writing and editing phase of content creation. With Get Suggestions, most content improvement recommendations have clickable fixes to align content to complex enterprise standards. Get Suggestions saves writers and editors time, as well as improves content quality based on your organization’s own style guide and content compliance needs. 

AI Assistant accelerates the ideation phase of the writing process. With AI Assistant, content is generated that’s already aligned with your company’s writing standards. Writers get a chatbot experience to request the generation of content.

AI Guardrails for your content makes sure that AI-generated writing is compliant with standards in private deployments of LLMs. AI Guardrails for content standards ensures only high-quality content is used for fine-tuning LLMs, checks the quality of AI-generated content before it’s presented to writers, stops low-quality content from getting published, and checks the quality of content already published.

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