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News comes from Adobe, Apple, SoundHound & Perplexity, and Acquia.

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Opinion / Analysis

The agentic era of UX

“The future of digital experience is here — but it’s being minced into microscopic use cases.”

Alex Klein argues that AI user experience requires a holistic approach that pulls together point use cases into a workflow that addresses more complete user journeys, and that the role of design is critical. He explains, and has some good advice on how to proceed. (8 min)

OpenAI rules the changes but Meta changes the rules

Alberto Romero comes up with an enlightening analysis of the AI market focused on Meta’s strategy of making LLMs a commodity with Llama, and OpenAi, representing current LLM leadership. 

OpenAI’s Monday announcement of GPT-4o keeps the pressure on Google, Anthropic, et al. Some the impressive GPT-4o demos were on phones and suggest what we might see if Apple and OpenAI finalize an agreement. (7 min)

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Content technology news

Adobe launches Acrobat AI Assistant for the enterprise

Acrobat AI Assistant can be deployed in minutes with enterprise controls, increasing productivity for knowledge workers on desktop, web and mobile.

SoundHound AI and Perplexity partner

Perplexity’s capabilities added to SoundHound Chat AI will respond to questions conversationally with real-time knowledge from the web.■

Apple Final Cut Pro 2 on iPad and Mac get new AI features

Final Cut Pro 2 transforms video creation with Live Multicam on the new iPad Pro and new AI features on iPad Pro and Final Cut Pro Mac 10.8.

Acquia supports latest W3C content accessibility guidelines

With the Accessibility Module in Monsido, customers can scan their websites, obtain an accessibility score, and get recommendations to improve accessibility.

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