This week we feature articles from Kurt Cagle, and Caleb Sponheim & Megan Brown.

Additional reading comes from Tom Krazit, Dean Allemang, and Andrew Zuo.

News comes from Progress Software, Adobe, Google Workspace, and MongoDB.

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Opinion / Analysis

RAG, context and knowledge graphs

“These factors combine to make knowledge graphs powerful tools for managing large language models, while at the same time LLMs can be used to simplify the process of querying these databases.”

Kurt Cagle does a nice job describing the relative strengths and weaknesses of LLMs and knowledge graphs, and explaining why the combo is a worthy goal. (8 min)

AI UX-design tools are not ready for primetime: status update

We hear a lot about 2024 being the year of deploying AI applications in production environments, and while this is directionally correct, it is not clear how quickly this will happen, or exactly where it will be successful.  

Caleb Sponheim and Megan Brown’s research finds that currently “designers use AI, just not for design”. We can expect to hear more statements of the form “X use AI, just not for X”. (6 min)

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Content technology news

Progress releases Sitefinity 15.1

Introduces AI-powered conversion propensity scoring, content classification for faster content editing, and improved customer data modeling.

Adobe introduces V4

Integrations with Photoshop and Workfront streamline collaboration for Enterprise’s Content Supply Chain; as part of Adobe GenStudio can be combined with Express and Firefly.

Google enhances Google Workspace

Google Vids, our new AI-powered video creation app for work, will sit alongside our other productivity tools like Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

MongoDB expands collaboration with Google Cloud

Google Cloud Vertex AI extension for MongoDB Atlas and Spark integration with BigQuery simplifies building GenAI applications with proprietary data.

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