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Day: April 25, 2024

Trados announces Trados Studio 2024

Trados, the translation platform by RWS, announced the upcoming release of Trados Studio 2024, their computer-assisted translation tool. Studio 2024 includes new features that improve accessibility, democratize access to generative AI, and increase management capabilities:

  • Perform a project roundtrip (create, manage, translate, deliver) with screen readers and leverage native dictation in the online editor.
  • Access smart AI capabilities, such as our new ‘Trados Copilot – AI Assistant’ app exclusive to Trados Studio 2024, seamless support for Machine Translation Quality Estimation (MTQE) data and Smart Help – intelligent support as you work.
  • Benefit from full support for local, server and cloud-based projects in the new Manager view, better integration with cloud capabilities and the ability to leverage cloud resources during batch processing in local Studio projects.

Additional enhancements:

  • The workflow editor has the option to edit outcomes in human workflow tasks. This functionality simplifies the user experience for administrators making it easier for them to manage workflows, particularly when handling task transitions (which help users decide which ‘route’ they want their workflows to follow).
  • The customer portal is designed to streamline the translation project management process, providing a simple and efficient interface for requestors to create, track and retrieve their projects.

WordPress VIP introduces VIP API Mesh to enable composable digital experiences

WordPress VIP introduced VIP API Mesh, a new part of the WordPress VIP platform which simplifies the integration of backend systems. It handles the complex connections between WordPress VIP and other platforms, allowing front-end developers to retrieve all necessary data with a single GraphQL call.

The API Mesh simplifies data integration with a single API improves performance with caching, supports data transformation, and is accessible to both technical and non-technical users.

  • Single API: Regardless where data resides, the API Mesh manages pulling from various backends.
  • Performance acceleration: With built-in caching and indexing, queries go faster, improving user experience..
  • Data composition and transformation: Enables data transformation per your schema across multiple systems.
  • Prebuilt connectors, GraphQL, and REST: The API Mesh comes with dozens of prebuilt connectors, and can pull data from systems that don’t support GraphQL.
  • Read/write/execute: The API Mesh isn’t limited to pulling data from a backend. Just as easily update backend data across systems or invoke actions like triggering a marketing automation workflow on the backend.
  • No-code/low-code tools for content practitioners: The VIP API Mesh integrates with the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg), allowing non-technical staff to incorporate data from any API connected to the API Mesh into their content.

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