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Day: September 26, 2023 launches Enterprise Language Model for Insurance (ELMI) unveiled its “Enterprise Language Model for Insurance” – ELMI, a domain trained language model, to help insurers reach their process automation and digital transformation goals with the highest accuracy. By simplifying and powering the interaction with language data within the Platform for Insurance, Insurers can access solutions that scale and take advantage of deep insurance domain expertise combined with the best and most cost-effective attributes of Large Language Models (LLMs) to automate core processes.

Through the Platform for Insurance, ELMI supports key capabilities, including:

  • Generative Summarization: generate accurate summaries, condensing vast amounts of claim or policy information into concise insights, saving time and accelerating straight through processing or human review activities.
  • Zero Shot Extraction: extract crucial insurance data from structured/unstructured, handwritten/typed, good quality/bad quality sources with accuracy and automatically normalize output formats and add medical annotations such as ICD 9/10 medical codes.
  • Generative Q&A: answer questions quickly so underwriters and claims handlers can extract meaningful insights from proprietary case files by asking questions using natural language queries.
  • Cloud-agnostic: Offering the flexibility to deploy on any cloud infrastructure or on-premises, ELMI deployments easily meet insurer’s varying requirements.

Acquia launches Acquia Exchange

Acquia, a digital experience technology provider, announced the launch of an integration hub, Acquia Exchange, to enhance the flexibility and extensibility of its digital experience platform. Acquia Exchange offers customers a single destination to discover integrations, connectors, and modules that enhance Acquia solutions and connect them to those of other technology providers. This intuitive hub makes it easier for organizations to extend their digital experience platform (DXP) using technology from Acquia’s ecosystem of SaaS partners.

As an open and composable DXP, Acquia allows for integrations with a wide range of third-party marketing, sales, and digital technologies. This enables customers to build productive digital experiences that meet the precise requirements of their own audiences. Now, with Acquia Exchange, customers can explore integrations by company name, technology category, or Acquia product.

Acquia Exchange helps customers discover three different types of integrations: 

  • Native – Developed and supported by Acquia.
  • Partner – Developed and supported by an Acquia technology partner or a solution partner.
  • Community – Developed and supported by a third-party vendor.

MongoDB announces new Atlas Vector Search capabilities

MongoDB announced new capabilities, performance improvements, and a data-streaming integration for MongoDB Atlas Vector Search.

Developers can more easily aggregate and filter data, improving semantic information retrieval and reducing hallucinations in AI-powered applications. With new performance improvements for MongoDB Atlas Vector Search, the time it takes to build indexes is reduced to help accelerate application development. Additionally, MongoDB Atlas Vector Search is now integrated with fully managed data streams from Confluent Cloud to make it easier to use real-time data from a variety of sources to power AI applications.

MongoDB Atlas Vector Search provides the functionality of a vector database integrated as part of a unified developer data platform, allowing teams to store and process vector embeddings alongside virtually any type of data to more quickly and easily build generative AI applications.

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