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Metaphors for AI, and why I don’t like them

Boaz Barak finds metaphors very useful tools for facilitating understanding, but as Dennett ‘intuition pumps’ that leave out complicating detail. Barak is concerned that the use of metaphors to explain AI is leading to “over-interpretation”. In this excellent piece he looks at the ‘stochastic parrot’, ‘blurry JPEG of the web’, and other AI metaphors to make his case for caution. (13 min)

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Content technology news

dtSearch updates enterprise products

dtSearch enterprise and developer product line searches terabytes across online and offline data; products can run on premises or the cloud.

Brightspot integrates OpenAI

Content creators can leverage AI-assisted suggestions for headlines, subheadlines and full body text to expedite the content-creation process.

Databricks announces LakehouseIQ

LakehouseIQ is a knowledge engine using generative AI to provide useful, contextual answers to natural language questions from all approved employees.

Snowflake unveils large language model to extract data from documents

Document AI leverages Snowflake’s first-party large language model to unlock deeper insights from unstructured data in documents.

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