This week we feature articles from Jacob Steinhardt, and Fan Li.

Additional reading comes from Shirley Lu & George Serafeim, Cassie Kozyrkov, M.G. Siegler, and Jeffrey Pound et al.

News comes from Adobe, Neo4j, Bloomreach, and Optimizely.

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Opinion / Analysis

What will GPT-2030 look like?

Of course we would all like to know, but given the speed of new developments in machine learning it’s difficult to make, or have confidence in, any predictions. Jacob Steinhardt isn’t afraid to try, and his post is a must-read for anyone looking for some data points to inform their own research and thinking. You’ll want a cup of coffee or tea and perhaps a little more time than the specified read time (27 min).

Explore OntoGPT for schema-based knowledge extraction

“The OntoGPT framework and SPIRES tool provide a principled approach to extract knowledge from unstructured text for integration into Knowledge Graphs (KGs), using Large Language Models such as GPT. This methodology enables handling complex relationships, ensures logical consistency, and aligns with predefined ontologies for better KG integration.”

Fan Li describes another open available tool that he believes overcome some limitations to the popular LangChain and LlamaIndex frameworks. The more tools the better. (7 min).

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Content technology news

Adobe announces Firefly for Enterprise

Adobe plans to enable businesses to custom train Firefly with their own branded assets, embedding Firefly into their own ecosystem.

Neo4j announces new integrations with generative AI features in Vertex AI

Enterprise customers can now leverage knowledge graphs with Google’s large language models to improve generative AI outcomes.

Bloomreach enhances customer experience with Gorgias integration

Gorgias provides data about the customer experience and gives Engagement users a more in-depth understanding of the customer journey.

Optimizely expands partnership with Contentsquare

Contentsquare enables Optimizely users to leverage heatmaps and data analyses to uncover customer insights and enhance experiments.

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