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Day: June 20, 2023

Databricks announces Lakehouse Apps

Databricks introduced Lakehouse Apps, a new way for developers to build native, secure applications for Databricks. Lakehouse Apps will enable Databricks customers to have easy access to a wide range of applications that run entirely inside their Lakehouse instance, using their data, with the full security and governance capabilities of Databricks. Lakehouse Apps will give users safe and easy access to a wide range of new applications and reduce time and effort to adopt, integrate, and manage data and AI applications.

By running directly on a customer’s Databricks instance, these apps can easily and securely integrate with the customer’s data, use and extend Databricks services, and enable users to interact with a single sign-on experience without data ever leaving the customer’s instance. Developers can use any technology and language of their choice to build apps and aren’t limited to a proprietary framework.

The company also introduced new data sharing providers and AI model-sharing capabilities to the Databricks Marketplace, a marketplace for data, AI, and applications.

Databricks Marketplace will be generally available on June 28, 2023. Lakehouse Apps and AI model sharing in Databricks Marketplace are expected in preview in the coming year.

Bloomreach and Shopware partner

Bloomreach, a digital experience and content management platform provider and Shopware, an omnichannel digital commerce platform for e-commerce businesses, announced they have partnered to empower businesses to unlock new growth across their e-commerce experience. The partnership will enable businesses built on the Shopware commerce platform to enhance their digital experience across every touchpoint using Bloomreach’s data and AI-driven solutions. Businesses worldwide will be better poised to drive greater personalization for every customer.

Shopware is an open commerce platform for mid-market and lower enterprise merchants across EMEA, with comprehensive solutions for B2C and B2B businesses. Through its partnership with Bloomreach, Shopware will expand its global presence.

Bloomreach empowers businesses to deliver personalized experiences across their digital channels by combining unified customer and product data with AI-optimization. For e-commerce businesses built on the Shopware platform, the addition of Bloomreach’s marketing automation, product discovery, and content management solutions will allow them to enhance customer journeys by creating personalized, end-to-end e-commerce experiences, fueled by the AI built into all Bloomreach products and Shopware’s AI Copilot program.


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