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Day: June 13, 2023

Expert[.]ai expands partnership with SS&C Blue Prism, a provider of AI-powered language solutions to enterprises, announced the integration of its hybrid AI platform with SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation platform.

As an approved partner within SS&C Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program—a large ecosystem of ready-to-integrate solutions and technologies accelerating digital transformation—expert[.]ai provides state-of-the-art approaches in natural language understanding and processing (NLU / NLP), machine learning and the latest large language models (LLMs) like GPT. With these combined technologies, organizations can expand their intelligent automation capabilities, delivering new solutions to support their strategic business goals.

The ability to accurately perform linguistic tasks at scale has become a core component of achieving long-term transformational value with intelligent automation. NL-powered bots help enterprises automate business processes based on large volumes of unstructured data—text documents, emails, customer interactions, call notes, etc. — reducing errors, improving efficiency and increasing the scalability of operations. Through data accurately analyzed and processed by expert[.]ai and then automated on the SS&C Blue Prism platform, bots and low-code apps can extend to more complex processes with high accuracy and lower implementation costs.

Adobe adds Firefly generative AI capabilities to Illustrator

Adobe unveiled Generative Recolor (beta), the first integration of Adobe Firefly in Adobe Illustrator, enabling designers to experiment with colors using simple text prompts. Generative Recolor magically transforms colors in vector artwork. Previously, brands created color variations manually every time they developed new packaging, rethought logo color options before a rebrand or redesigned their websites; now, designers will be able to accelerate time-consuming color processes, freeing time for more creative tasks. Generative Recolor allows:

  • Faster Color Capture: Save time by recoloring graphics using simple text prompts.
  • Color Discovery and Transformation: Experiment easily with colors, palettes and themes to achieve the right look and feel for your artwork.
  • Multiple Colorway Variations: Generate numerous color variations from a single artwork file for use across social, print and web.

Firefly is embedded into creators’ workflows and is designed to generate commercially safe, professional-quality content. Adobe plans to enable enterprises to custom train Firefly with their own branded assets and generate content in the brand’s unique style and brand language using APIs to increase automation.

The latest Illustrator release also includes Retype (beta), new Layers functionalities, and improvements to Image Trace. Generative Recolor and Retype are available as beta features in Illustrator today.

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