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Day: February 28, 2023

Contentstack announces Contentstack Launch

Contentstack, a composable digital experience provider, announced its new Contentstack Launch front-end hosting service offering. The new service extends Contentstack’s product suite, providing enterprise companies with a composable, automated, digital experience stack from the front-end to the back-end.

Contentstack Launch is engineered from the ground up to streamline development operations. For customers, it means reducing the friction and wait-states that commonly exist as digital experiences evolve from back-end code to front-end user experiences. Customers can:

  • Connect to Contentstack Marketplace apps and reduce technical debt with pre-built component libraries and workflows
  • Create staging and production environments on Contentstack’s lightning-fast Content Delivery Network (CDN) with just a few clicks and automatically trigger rebuilds
  • Build projects in virtually any common Javascript front-end framework, easily connect to and deploy code directly from a git repository

At the core of operations is the Contentstack CMS, a headless content management product. Contentstack adds to this its Contentstack Marketplace for rapid customization and platform extensibility, through 1-click integrations and its App SDK framework. Integrations and orchestration up and down the stack are made simple with clicks using Contentstack Automation Hub. 

Contentstack Launch is available now to customers in the Contentstack Early Access technology program. General availability is scheduled for May 2023.

Quark releases Quark Publishing Platform NextGen v3.0

Quark Software, a global provider of content automation, intelligence and design software, announced the newest release of Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen, its content automation platform designed to simplify the complexities associated with enterprise content lifecycle management from creation to consumption. QPP NextGen v3.0 takes self-service further with simplified role-based dashboards and now includes enhanced analytics capabilities to help enterprises understand how published content is being consumed. Additional features foster content team collaboration and productivity with the ability to publish personalized, compliance-controlled content across any digital output fast.

QPP NextGen’s automation capabilities support multiple use cases for to managing large, complex documents. Enterprises can create, manage and store structured, reusable content components with auto-generated XML metadata tags from Microsoft Word, collaborate across roles and departments to streamline reviews/approvals and eliminate duplicate efforts, and publish compliance-controlled content in multiple formats from a single source-of-truth CCMS (component content management system).

New features and benefits available in the newest release of QPP NextGen include: granular section-level analytics & visual intelligence, enriched UI team collaboration and workflow productivity enhancements, interoperability of structured authoring tools, version branching, and self-service content modeling.


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