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Day: April 14, 2022

dbt Labs announces availability on Databricks Partner Connect

Analytics engineering tool supplier dbt Labs announced the availability of dbt Cloud on Databricks Partner Connect. Databricks customers now have a fast and frictionless way to experience the benefits of dbt Cloud on the lakehouse. dbt has become popular for data transformation with demand largely driven by the industry-wide shift to cloud-based data platforms like Databricks. It enables data teams to transform data in-warehouse, and deploy analytics code following software engineering best practices.

Through Databricks Partner Connect, all Databricks users will now have the ability to quickly provision a new dbt Cloud trial that is pre-connected to their Databricks account. In just a few clicks, users will be set up with a dbt Cloud account – ideal for those looking to quickly get a feel for what the two can achieve together through a streamlined, pre-configured workflow. Also:

  • Databricks has developed a new, dedicated dbt-Databricks adapter, bringing an easier installation process and a more optimized performance.
  • Databricks Ventures participated as a strategic investor in dbt Labs’ Series D funding round in February 2022.
  • There are more than 1,000 members of the Databricks and Spark channel within the dbt Community Slack


Syncro Soft releases Oxygen Feedback 2.1 for cloud and enterprise editions

Syncro Soft announced the availability of Oxygen Feedback 2.1 for cloud and enterprise editions. The new version of Oxygen Feedback offers new enhancements such as a new page ratings component that gives your website users the power to vote on the quality of your web pages through customizable prompts, a Page Ratings statistics page in the administration interface that displays the top pages that have received votes for the current site configuration, and the option for the users with an administrative role to receive daily reports of the pages that were rated within the past 24 hours.

The block-level comments feature also received several updates that allow you to enable or disable block-level comments in the output, outline the current block on hover, as well as a better placement of the widget so that the comment can be more precisely attached to an element within a hierarchy of elements. Other improvements include the ability to automatically insert selected content as a quote in a new comment, filter reopened comments, and receive notifications when your comments are resolved.

AppTek launches new metadata-informed neural machine translation system

‍AppTek, a provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Neural Machine Translation (NMT), Natural Language Processing / Understanding (NLP/U) and Text-to-Speech (TTS) technologies, announced the release of its new neural machine translation system that incorporates metadata as inputs used to customize the MT output and empower localization professionals with more accurate user-influenced machine translations. Additionally, the company expanded its core machine translation platform to support hundreds of language and dialect pairs.

Traditionally, enterprises would need to train, deploy and maintain multiple MT systems to account for translation tasks that differ in aspects such as language, dialect, domain, topic, and more, at the risk of high deployment costs and overfitting models.

With AppTek’s new metadata informed NMT platform, enterprise customers can now access a single NMT system with multi-domain, multi-genre, multi-dialect content which increases the quality and adaptability of the system. By feeding additional metadata into the system, they gain more control of the MT output and can enable translators to simply “flip the switch” to the desired customized translation through relevant functionality in the user interface of the editing tools professionals work with.

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