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Day: August 26, 2021

Wondershare releases EdrawMind Version 9.0

Wondershare EdrawMind has released version 9.0 of its multifunctional collaborative mind mapping and brainstorming tool, which brings a new UI, and advanced features such as outline mode and branch-free positioning. EdrawMind version 9.0 includes:

  • Improved UI and New Free Diagrams 
    The UI now hides layouts that are not used and provides quick access to an extensive mind map gallery. Users can access the online mind mapping examples gallery of over 3000 mind maps shared by users. Free account users can now access fishbone and timeline diagrams.
  • Outline Mode 
    The new version offers an outline mode that can instantly turn mind maps into editable outlines. Users can add pictures, tables, attachments, comments, and hyperlinks to their outlines, and it is easier to make notes.
  • Branch Free Positioning 
    For creating mind maps without restrictions. Users can drag out any branch and extend it however they like to create mind maps.
  • New Saving Mechanism 
    Wondershare EdrawMind has improved its mechanism to save projects and files. This is the foundation for an upcoming update with a tool that will provide real-time collaboration for EdrawMind projects.

The product is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Web; pricing starts from 59€ for annual plans.

Qumu adds on-demand transcriptions and AI-powered captions

Qumu Corporation, a provider of cloud-based enterprise video technology, announced the availability of on-demand video transcriptions, as well as AI-enabled, automatic captioning for on-demand video on the Qumu platform.

With asynchronous video transcriptions, users can now easily review video content, speeding knowledge transfer, and helping drive relevant content to the right audiences. The transcriptions make it easy to skim videos for key details, and aid in efforts such as note-taking and preparing for meetings, enabling viewers to review content faster, or to review specific aspects of a video. Transcriptions can also extend the longevity, accessibility and value of videos, and can aid in regulatory compliance, such as meeting transcript requirements for earnings calls.

Qumu also added the option of Qumu-powered automatic captions for on-demand video, backed by AI, building off the live caption feature announced earlier this year. Users can now leverage the same Qumu captioning service used for live videos, without the need to upgrade services.

Apple introduces the News Partner Program

Apple introduced the News Partner Program, a new slate of initiatives to expand Apple’s work with and support for journalism. The News Partner Program aims to ensure Apple News customers maintain access to trusted news and information from many of the world’s top publishers, while supporting publishers’ financial stability and advancing efforts to further media literacy and diversity in news coverage and newsrooms.

The News Partner Program is designed for subscription news publications that provide their content to Apple News in Apple News Format (ANF). ANF enables a reading experience on Apple News and unlocks the full benefit of the platform for publishers, and empowers publishers to create brand-forward stories, immersive issues, and audio stories, with designs that scale across Apple devices. ANF also supports advertising, and publishers keep 100 percent of the revenue from advertising they sell within Apple News. To support publishers who optimize more of their content in ANF, Apple News is offering a commission rate of 15 percent on qualifying in-app purchase subscriptions from day one.

Publishers may apply for the News Partner Program beginning today. For more information and eligibility and requirements see…

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